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Before Sunset, Qabl el Gheroub

Year: August 2006
Location: Not to Forget Woman’s Association, Jenin Refugee Camp, Jenin
Duration: 3:42 min

Synopsis: With the kind of revealing honesty best expressed by children, this film features a touching dialogue between two Palestinian siblings (a sister and her disabled brother) sitting in a park. Through their poignant conversation (which apparently occurs in flashback), the audience learns about the fate of one of the siblings as a result of tragic events caused by the Israeli occupation. The film is based on a true story in Jenin, enacted by the children to demonstrate how their lives have become fractured by suffering and loss, yet their hopes and dreams continue.

Filmmakers: Yara Shelbak, Saleh Hawasheen, Ayaa Zoudhi, Walah Whadi, Alah Aqwaes

This video short was produced during the Digital Storytelling Workshop conducted by Voices Beyond Walls at the Not to Forget Woman’s Association, Jenin, West Bank in August 2006.

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This video short is available in high-resolution on DVD for screenings. Contact us

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