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Exiled in Palestine, Menfee fi Filistine

Year: August 2006
Location: Not to Forget Woman’s Association, Jenin Refugee Camp, Jenin
Duration: 3:03 min

Synopsis: Narrated with an original poem written by sixteen year old Khitam Aawees, the film explores the illegal imprisonment (or so called “administrative detention”) of a Palestinian youth, Bilal, who was held by the Israeli authorities for six years without charge. After Bilal is released, he struggles to understand his life and that of friends no longer around. Through a glimpse into Bilal’s imprisonment, the film highlights the Israeli military’s frequent and illegal detention of thousands of Palestinian men, woman and children, challenging the viewer to contest this clear aberration of human rights.

Filmmakers: Ahmed Saleh, Mohammed Fahmawi, Khitam Aawees, Umayeema Jalamna, Khawiah, Nawal Musharkah

This video short was produced during the Digital Storytelling Workshop conducted by Voices Beyond Walls at the Not to Forget Woman’s Association, Jenin, West Bank in August 2006.

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This video short is available in high-resolution on DVD for screenings. Contact us

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