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Hope of Freedom, Amal El Horaya

Year: August 2007
Location: Lajee Center in Aida Camp, Bethlehem
Duration: 8:30 min

Synopsis: A Palestinian grandmother’s story of the Nakba (expulsion from the land in 1948) to her grandson is the basis of this film. The children from Aida Camp reenact her firsthand account of this event, demonstrating that it is a living part of their shared Palestinian oral history and an important legacy that cannot be forgotten. The children become transplanted into their own past as they act out the grandmother’s story; they combine drama, archival photos, and an interview to interweave past and present.

Filmmakers: Ahmad Abu Odeh, Amjad Al Khawaja, Saja Al Ajarma, Miras Al Azza, Mohammad Sarhan

This video short was produced during the Digital Storytelling Workshop conducted by Voices Beyond Walls at the Lajee Youth Center in the Aida refugee camp near Bethlehem, West Bank in August 2007.

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This video short is available in high-resolution on DVD for screenings. Contact us

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