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Return Our Happiness, Aeedou Lana Saadateena

Year: August 2007
Location: Ramallah Computer Clubhouse, Qalandia and Alamari Refugee Camps
Duration: 8:47 min

Synopsis: The film tells a story of a birthday party set against the tensions and restrictions of everyday life in occupied territory. Although the friends try to celebrate like children anywhere, their party is inevitably disrupted by circumstances beyond their control.

Filmmakers: Tahany Ahmad Al-Qasim, Haya Salah Wazwaz, Sobhi Rizeq Yoqoub, Dianna Mohammed Aslan, Arafat Abo Lebdah, Islam Jamal Samara, Mohammad Shoukat, Besan Mohammed Aslan, Anas Maraqa

This video short was produced during the Digital Storytelling Workshop conducted by Voices Beyond Walls at the Ramallah Computer Clubhouse with Qalandia and Alamari refugee camps in August 2007.

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This video short is available in high-resolution on DVD for screenings. Contact us

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